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    FANEDIT.ORG - Created By Boon
    by The Man Behind the Mask

    Hello, The Man Behind The Mask here. I joined Fanedit.org back in 2008. Little did I know that hitting the "faneditors: enter here" button would lead me to one day write this article.

    This story is about the guy who built this site, and carried it on his shoulders for five years; it's about the guy who helped most of the faneditors around here achieve their visions; but most of all, it's about the most patient guy in the world: Boon23. Most of you know him under his faneditor name: CBB (created by Boon). Because, not only did Boon run the site for 5 years but he is also one of, if not the most prolific faneditors around, always creating technically flawless products and amazing new ideas such as:


    The original idea of fanedit.org came to Boon when he was member at originaltrilogy.com, a site mostly devoted to Star Wars discussion and Star Wars fanedits. Eventually, the need for a bigger section of "various fanedits" led Boon to create fanedit.org, which caused some initial debate and trouble. Ultimately the tension vanished over time, and now the two sister sites share a great community of movie fans with a positive attitude as well as a love for fanediting.

    After getting past that bumpy start, nothing seemed to stop fanedit.org. Ghostcut, ThrowgnCpr, AvP and Boon always found a way to overcome any obstacle with ease, constant progress and class. We cannot thank this amazing team enough for their tireless efforts which shaped our community into what it is today: Our Home.

    Unfortunately, during the last few months Boon got tired and grew frustrated with running the show as well as always trying to lend a hand to those in need of assistance which left little time to be creative and passionate with his own fanedits and personal life. Maintaining the site consumed a great deal of time and energy until it came to a point where the fun was no longer there anymore. He may be the most patient guy in the world, but still.

    Alas, he decided to retire.

    The shock was huge among the community of faneditors and users of the forum because Boon is the heart and soul of fanedit.org. Would fanedit.org, the biggest fanedit website on the net, just disappear like that? Will all the cool on-going projects be stopped and simply disappear in a flash of light?

    Although everyone understood Boon's motivations, we thought that fanedit.org needed a second chance.

    And that's the moment we called the A -Team... Huh, no, sorry... but not far from it!

    With the (always patient) direction of Boon, a new group of people have taken up the task of running fanedit.org. I really think Boon did appreciate the number of quick replies, extended thanks and immense outpouring of help propositions that came to him following his public announcement to step down. Too bad it was the lack of this kind of support that led him to walk away from something he loves so much in the first place...

    The story is always the same: we take pleasure in other people's hard work without wondering what we could accomplish ourselves, or simply think there is nothing that we could contribute. Most of us were blind to Boon's ongoing struggle to keep the ship afloat, we just assumed things would go the same as always. As history has taught us, we needed a shock for things to change.

    The positive sides of the story are:
    • Fanedit.org is still running
    • Boon will have all the time in the world to continue his great fanedit work as CBB, and finally be able to fully enjoy his own website without constant pressure and stress from work overload
    • The new team, while green, shares Boons passion for this art form and has a strong desire to keep this community alive
    So again, a massive thanks to Boon23 and all the previous FE admins, and best luck to the new team!
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    1. Eric Gorman's Avatar
      Eric Gorman -
      Boons "Matrix DeZIONized" is the only reason that I ran across this site, and I want to thank him for introducing me to this location where FANEDITS (IMO improved movies) are a possibility. THANK YOU BOON23/CBB without your take on various movies and show I would never have found a site that offers such diversity and talent, in the remaking and re-imagined versions of both films that I loved and also detested, and a reawakened interest in shows I saw as a youngster. I give this site and BOON23/CBB 10/10...Heck 100/10 would put it better..

      Thank you again.

      Eric Gorman

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