• Michael Giacchino Tweets his love for Adywan's Star Wars Revisited

      Inline Image The world domination by Adywan's Star Wars Revisited continues

      Michael Giacchino posted a link to Revisited on his Twitter page, tweeting: "If you are a Star Wars fan, this is a MUST... fanedit.org/517/"

      Michael Giacchino is a composer. He has composed scores for the movies The Incredibles, Super 8, Star Trek, Ratatouille, Up and Cloverfield as well as for TV shows including Lost, Fringe and Alias. He has many other scores to his credit, and has received great acclaim, winning several Grammys, an Emmy and an Academy Award.

      Now if only we could get Michael to join the forum and share his great skills and knowledge with the fanediting community.....

      Thanks to Throwgncpr and Dwight Fry for reporting this.

      Thanks to Throwgncpr and Dwight Fry for reporting this.

      Dwight Fry's original post:

      This article was originally published in forum thread: Michael Giacchino, composer of LOST, a fan of Adywan's SW started by Dwight Fry View original post
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      1. Gaith's Avatar
        Gaith -
      1. Ripplin's Avatar
        Ripplin -
        Congrats to Adywan, but congrats to fanedit.org, too! Let's not forget we also got a plug.
      1. Ripplin's Avatar
        Ripplin -
        005 also broke the news at OT.com: http://originaltrilogy.com/forum/top...opicPost522670
      1. TMBTM's Avatar
        TMBTM -
        + 3288 pages viewed for this edit on the last 2,5 days... guess that twitt worked!
      1. TV's Frink's Avatar
        TV's Frink -
        Don't call him a twit
      1. doubleofive's Avatar
        doubleofive -
        I was fortunate to have been on my phone, following Giacchino on Twitter or else we could have missed this completely (until you guys checked your logs and saw 4000 hits from Twitter).
      1. adywanuk's Avatar
        adywanuk -
        I've just received this tweet from Michael Giacchino:

        @adywan - no - thank YOU! Looks like a lot of work, and I told all my Disney/Pixar friends about it. Great job adywan.
      1. ThrowgnCpr's Avatar
        ThrowgnCpr -
        beyond awesome!!!!
      1. L8wrtr's Avatar
        L8wrtr -
        HOLY COW! That is... well what Throw said!
      1. TMBTM's Avatar
        TMBTM -
      1. Ripplin's Avatar
        Ripplin -
        Verreh nahce!
      1. reave's Avatar
        reave -
        Very cool, Ady. Some well deserved praise. So now maybe you'll get a job in the industry that could use your skills. Don't forget us and OT when you're famous.
      1. L8wrtr's Avatar
        L8wrtr -
        Indeed, such a landing would be well deserved, but of course we've all been saying that for quite a while. And yes, don't forget your roots when you're big and famous.. or, bigger and more famouserer
      1. searcher's Avatar
        searcher -
        WOW!! what everybody has said. Wish you all the luck in the world, fingers crossed.
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