• Blueyoda goes viral!

      Inline Image Our very own Blueyoda has gone viral. His highly regarded Biggest Car Chase Evar clip was discovered by the internets today and in a media cycle hungry for the freshest and most interesting things possible for our ADD culture, it didn't take long for it to start getting reposted like wildfire.

      The big jump seems to have started with Jalopnik finding it and posting, then from there it has started popping up all over, including MSN and has started springing up on various forums and blogs across the intertubes.

      Perhaps the most interesting compliment of them all; "It's the biggest, baddest, most Michael Baygasmic car chase... in the world. Ever." from Jalopnik.

      Congratulations Blueyoda, you've hit the big-time... (until they get fascinated with a video about squirrels riding skis.)

      Re-watch the amazing chase below.

      UPDATE: The video has crossed the 100,000 views mark. Go Blue!

      Comments 17 Comments
      1. baileym43's Avatar
        baileym43 -
        dude, congrats on the exposure.
        hopefully it gets bigger with a G4 spot or something on Tosh.0 or something.
      1. g1orkatsos's Avatar
        g1orkatsos -
        Congrats to Blueyoda! that video was beyond awesome and deserves this.
      1. mrbenja0618's Avatar
        mrbenja0618 -
        Have to be honest and say this is the first time i've seen this. Incredible skill here. Have no idea how long it took for you to make this work. Great work. However, had it been me, I would have named it Celebrity Bumper Cars. =) Congrats on the going viral thing!
      1. wabid's Avatar
        wabid -
        I am praying for a foot chase with the Casino Royale intro.
      1. reave's Avatar
        reave -
        OMG I know that guy! He played with my pussy

      1. dangermouse's Avatar
        dangermouse -
      1. DriggyDriggs's Avatar
        DriggyDriggs -
        Shared this on my facebook. It's being passed around. Awesome.
      1. Rogue-theX's Avatar
        Rogue-theX -
        Hell yea, Blue, right on!
      1. njvc's Avatar
        njvc -
        Congrats Yoda, fantastic clip and well deserved recognition.
      1. ssj's Avatar
        ssj -
        henceforth, blueyoda's carnal threesomes shall become thrusting, grunting fivesomes. boratHighFive!
      1. reave's Avatar
        reave -
        We need a like button^
      1. LastSurvivor's Avatar
        LastSurvivor -
        Never ever seen this before... fantastic stuff blueyoda.. truly breathtaking!
      1. blueyoda's Avatar
        blueyoda -
        Close to 100,000 views now!

        But now that I have semi-fame, where's my semi-fortune?
      1. TV's Frink's Avatar
        TV's Frink -
        Quote Originally Posted by reave View Post
        We need a like button^
        Off-topic, but...this! I'm on a forum with a like button and, well, I like it

        Well done blue
      1. hebrides's Avatar
        hebrides -
        Awesome work! So clever and so much fun
      1. TMBTM's Avatar
        TMBTM -
        Quote Originally Posted by blueyoda View Post
        Close to 100,000 views now!

        But now that I have semi-fame, where's my semi-fortune?
        In your heart.
        (isn't it beautiful?)
      1. higgins's Avatar
        higgins -
        I just love how it begins with ramming, automatic firearms, explosions... and then after all that, Riggs actually tells Trinity to pull over. =D
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