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      SPICEDIVER has released his latest edit, DUNE: THE ALTERNATIVE EDITION REDUX.

      SPICEDIVER: "A film that’s been admired, hated and puzzled-over in fairly equal amounts, writer/director David Lynch’s ambitious 1984 adaptation of Frank Herbert’s science fiction novel gets an extensive fanediting treatment in Dune The Alternative Edition Redux. This is my third and final cut of an edit I first released in 2008 and again in 2009. As previously, it draws on the heavily cut Theatrical Version, the controversial Extended “TV” Version and a selection of Deleted Scenes and soundtrack cues."

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      1. gloomfrost's Avatar
        gloomfrost -
        Well this is my first review ever of a fan edit, and what a way to begin. I don't care what anyone says i really liked Dune, the original cut. In fact i saw the film before i read the book. Yes the book is far superior but with a writer like Frank Herbert how could you translate the book into a film. If you had an unlimited budget and 4 films totaling 12 hours total, your still not even close.

        With that said this edit is now the standard for how i see Dune as directed by David Lynch.

        The four Book format splits up the film very nicely and the quotes from the Book Dune just lend an aura of class and refinement as well as respect for the book.

        The audio work is superb, the music selection and presence is not overdone and different music in different scenes fit much more with the action on screen. The dialog isolation from the music and the remix is really studio level audio editing.I really liked the music selection for the water of life scene when the little maker is creating the water of life.

        As someone said on the forum thread, the ending, just brilliant.

        The only 2 negatives are the scene with The Reverend Mother and Jessica in her quarters and the last scene she says "He's here" and the next shot Paul is sleeping. The second is a minor thing, but i really liked when we first see Paul's eyes have changed to Blue is when he has called and ridding a worm for the first time as the leader we see his eyes changed to blue, this scene is removed.

        Two very small complaints that i can live with, the experience as a whole is just so fantastic.

        Thanks SPICEDIVER i really do think David Lynch and Frank Herbert would be proud
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