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  1. News Submission
  2. Article: Fan Film book "Homeade Hollywood" mentions Fanedits
  3. Article: The Other Guys mentions FanEditing
  4. Red Letter Media releases his Revenge of the Sith fanedit
  5. Dr Jones and the Skull Kingdom Mystery - Trailer is Release
  6. Article: Adywan's A New Hope: Revisited To Be Released in HD. Coming in 2016!
  7. Say Goodbye to Component HD on Blu-Ray Players
  8. Article: Adywan Releases Empire Revisited Clip
  9. brash_stryker Begins Work on a Star Wars Sound Effects Archive
  10. Jambe Davdar completes "Star Wars Begins"
  11. Showgirls Recut Trailer
  12. Article: Adywan's ESB:R Cited in Political Blog
  13. Star Wars Complete Saga Blu Ray $48 at Barnes and Noble with coupon until 4/3
  14. FanEdit.Org Logo makes final cut of 'The People vs George Lucas'
  15. Final Cut Pro X Released
  16. Interview request
  17. Indestructible Disc - Cheaper Than Expected
  18. Article: Michael Giacchino Tweets his love for Adywan's Star Wars Revisited
  19. Article about Harmy's DeSpecialized Star Wars Trilogy
  20. Podcast about the Star Wars Bluray release
  21. Jambe Davdar's Indy project featured on slashfilm
  22. Wow here is something you do not see everyday
  23. Article: George Lucas Calls Out Fan-Editors In New York Times Article
  24. "Star Wars Begins" brought to an end?
  25. Raising Cain Re-cut
  26. Jambe's Raiders on NPR
  27. My upcoming new edit: Supergirl and the Fate of Argo City
  28. Public screening of a fanedit of Burn!
  29. Actor Topher Grace is a FanEditor
  30. Brad Dourif to introduce "Legion" fanedit screening March 25th 2012
  31. A public screening of an uncut (fan cut) of School on Fire
  32. Google WeVideo allows video editors to collaborate thru the Internet!
  33. Tarantino Editing Contest
  34. Edit a commerical for The Dark Knight Rises
  35. Cracked.com Highlights "Star Wars: Revisited"
  36. Empire mentions several fan edits.
  37. Copyright Infringement Law
  38. MegaUpload the sequel?
  39. Megaupload returns.... as Mega (now with encryption!)
  40. Jaws III Monster featured on French blog/website
  41. Spanish Film Magazine Features Fanedits
  42. Adobe CS2 Now Available for Free
  43. New RAPIDSHARE Changes and How To Set Your Files For Public Downloading
  44. Wired | Geekdad | Star Wars The Fandom Editors (Mentions Frink, Q2, Harmy, TMBTM)
  45. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire features fan editing question
  46. OpenShot NLE Video Editor for Windows, Linux and Mac Kickstarter
  47. Star Wars: How Attack Of The Phantom Made Episode II Watchable
  48. "Watchmen: Midnight" fanedit to have a public screening!
  49. Film webzine/blog Hope Lies at 24 frame per second article featuring fanedits
  50. BBC's Film Critic Mark Kermode
  51. Rotten Tomatoes' "Scenes to Skip"
  52. More film Director approved praise for fanedit
  53. Fan Edits Season Four of Arrested Development in Chronological Order
  54. Full Two-Hour 'Inside Jaws' Filmumentary Available Online
  55. Crashctrl Fanedit Blog Post
  56. tsMuxeR 2.06 beta released
  57. Movie Web Talks Fanedits
  58. Possible Phantom Menace fan edit clip making the internet rounds as a deleted scene
  59. Article: Fanedit.info Suspended... NO MORE!
  60. Steven Soderbergh fanedit..... No really!
  61. Topher Grace Releases Trailer for Redux of the Jedi
  62. Cinemablend article mentions the possibility of a 300+sequel fan edit.
  63. Q2's Northwest Passage gets a public screening
  64. Podcast episode about Star Wars edits
  65. Dead heat composite ported onto official bluray release
  66. Star Wars: Turn To The Dark Side - Episode 3.1 edit mixes the prequels
  67. Harmy interviewed by Yahoo Movies
  68. Harmy interviewed by The Atlantic
  69. Cinema Blend praises Harmy's Despecialized Editions
  70. "Loki: Brother of Thor" fan edit makes news
  71. Raiders of the Lost Ark - Fan-edit by Steven Soderbergh
  72. 'Evil Dead' Is the Latest Movie Trilogy to Get the Fan-Edit Treatment
  73. BBC to Air Rescored Version of Drive
  74. Adobe in the future (wow!)
  75. Uproxx Features 3-in-1 Hobbit Edit
  76. Another blurb for Harmy's work. This time of VOX
  77. Fanedit.org on Fortitude Magazine
  78. The story of Severus Snape told in 15 minutes
  79. The Evolution of Batman in Cinema
  80. Leonard Nimoy, died at age 83
  81. Can Fan Edits Change the Way We Watch Movies?
  82. Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 12 is Now a Full-Fledged Non-Linear Editor!
  83. AV Club article about a Marvel universe fanedit. Bad Penny Films?
  84. The Escapist posts a detailed review of an all-in-one Star Wars prequel edit
  85. Asian Dub Foundation rescore THX-1138
  86. Batman Forever director Joel Schumacher expresses thanks to fan editor
  87. Feature This - A Fan Edit Podcast
  88. 3 hour fanedit of Dune.
  89. Mission: Dalek-BBC Encourage Fanediting Projects In New Competition
  90. Star Wars: The Anti-Cheese Edits
  91. Of Oz the Wizard