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12-02-2006, 10:31 PM
For some reason virtualdub keeps locking up after only a couple minutes of use. What happens is i will just try to view a vhs tape though virtual dub. After about 15 minutes my whole computer will lock up. I am running an amd athlon 2600xp with 512mb ram. My computer runs perfectly 24x7 usually but will lock the whole machine up on virtualdub. If no one knows how to fix this can anyone suggest another good video capture program?

12-03-2006, 12:16 AM
Some suggestions.
First remove virtualdub from your system and get VirtualDubMod. It's just more functional (including it's ability to edit mpeg content).

Second, make sure your hard drive is using NTFS as it's filing system. If you have FAT32 there is a 4gb cap to a file's size. Depending on your compression, resolution, etc. you could be hitting that.

Finally, you might want to try iuVCR. It's a nice little proggy that really does captures right.
Awesome capture guide: http://www.digitalfaq.com/dvdguides/capture/index.htm

This part of it details capping with VirtualDub as well as iuVCR: http://www.digitalfaq.com/dvdguides/capture/avi/avi.htm

08-31-2009, 10:00 AM
original film name: The Monkey King - Uproar In Heaven
film studio name: Shanghai Animation Film Studio

Cuts removed/added/extended: Too many to mention

DVD Details:
Type……………..: Movie
Video Format………: PAL MPEG2 DVD-5
Aspect Ratio………: 1.33:1
Main Movie Runtime…: 114 minutes
Genre…………….: Animation
Sources…………..: 40th Anniversary Edition DVD and theatrical version
Size……………..: 4.37 GB

Conceptual improvements/advancements of edit over original:

Basically two versions of this movie exits:
The theatrical version, which has been released on vhs and on a Chinese bootleg dvd. This is also the version you might have seen on tv - it was aired in many European countries in the late seventies or early eighties.

And the 40th Anniversary Edition, an official Chinese dvd released in 2004. It appears to be an earlier generation/different version than the theatrical version, and features some differences in framing and colors. This is the only official dvd release of the movie.

Both sources, unfortunately, has several problems: The 40th Anniversary ed. has a very jumpy image that needed to be stabilized. It shows a lot of dirt and image degradation, many scenes shows a color shift towards green or another color - in some cases the color information was too far gone to be repaired/corrected. Also it has the dreaded ‘crushed blacks’ which destroys the details in dark scenes. Many frames are bad or has annoying writing on them. In many places it shows some strange ghosting or blended frames (fortunately not very noticeable in motion). And of course, most importantly, it is missing over 20 minutes of the movie. What is good about it is that it is sharper and more detailed than any other version, and when not too damaged, the colors are much more vibrant and colorful than ever seen before.

The theatrical bootleg DVD - like all theatrical versions, it is cropped differently, and the colors are rather different. More blue and red and lacking some yellow. This is a pretty poor transfer, rather soft and lacking detail, but it’s the best I’ve found.

This version mainly uses the video from the 40th Anniversary ed., with footage cut in from the Chinese bootleg DVD when the former was unusable or missing. I’ve tried my best to match the two versions, but they are very different in look and quality.

Dirt and damage have been removed to the best of my abilities, including repairing MANY frames by hand. A few bad frames still remain, they were simply to time consuming to fix properly.

The entire movie has been color corrected. It is still not completely consistent unfortunately, due to the sometimes heavy damage to the colors.


All the audio tracks was edited to sync with the restored version. Some light filtering was performed to unify the sound a bit and make the patches/edits less apparent. Also tried to tone down the sometimes very harsh sound.

Mandarin Chinese (stereo/mono)
Similarly to the video, the 40th Anniversary ed. audio was used where possible. The poorly faked 5.1 audio was converted back to stereo. This is the only known stereo source, so was preferred even though it has some weird artifacts in places. Audio from the Chinese bootleg DVD was spliced in where needed.

English Narration
From a vhs recording of the tv-broadcast. Unknown narrator.

French Dub
From a digitized version of the original vhs. This was recorded much too ‘hot’, so some distortion is inevitable in places. I’ve tried to restore some of the dynamics with an expander.

Danish Narration
From a vhs recording of the tv-broadcast.
Narrator: Povl Dissing

Swedish Narration
From a digitized version of the original vhs.
Narrator: Hans ‘Hasse’ Alfredsson


Chinese Simplified
Taken from the Chinese bootleg DVD, and synced to this version. A few lines are left untranscribed, and I couldn’t say how accurate it is.

Chinese Traditional
Simply converted from the above.

English Fansub
This is a slightly edited/modified version of the Duxty/foolip fansub that has been available for some time for the 40th Anniversary DVD. New translations of the re-inserted scenes was added.

English Alternate (default)
An alternate English translation based on the (bad) subtitles from the Taiwanese edition of the 40th Anniversary DVD, but very heavily edited and modified. Hardly a line has been left untouched.