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02-10-2010, 05:05 PM

**Review from IMDb**

A decent throwback grind house revenge flick with heart

Some Spoilers may follow

Catherine and Rebecca are two Catholic schoolgirls, whose day takes a severe turn for the worst when they knock into the wrong home while selling bibles door to door. Running afoul of depraved pimp Lobo and his equally vicious gang, Catherine and Rebecca are defiled and Catherine is left to die. Catherine vows revenge, and resolves to make the scumbags pay for their deeds....

Run Bitch Run from the trailer looks almost like a Black Dynamite style parody of exploitation flicks, yet the film itself is actually a heartfelt homage to the genre. It's not nearly as tongue in cheek as one would think from viewing the trailer, and has some dead straight nasty scenes, including one iconic scene that will do for guys in the 00's what I Spit On Your Grave did for guys back in the '70s.

Although it suffers from a rather meandering middle and randomness,(Possibly due to budgetary constraints) it's overall a solid and very entertaining homage to grind house trash cinema, and director Joseph Guzman is obviously an exploitation fan as he has a great eye and the film has a kick ass feel for the era.

Overall, it's flawed in parts but a damned enjoyable contemporary exploitation flick, and well worth checking out for fans of the genre.

It's got an awesome score and all.

**My Take**

I loved it, the poster was right im sure Tarantino and Zombie would love this. its absolute unashamed trash of the almost highest order. some great one liners, a few really nasty scenes and like the reviewer said a great soundtrack.

if you're a fan of grindhouse be sure to check this out.

EDIT: there is also a very high breast count... which was nice.

02-11-2010, 03:42 AM
That title is like a magnet. it draws me towards it.

Thanks for sharing that nom i will check that out!