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    Posted on 01-29-2012 09:29 PM  Number of Views: 880 
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    Inline Image From ScreenJabber comes news that Lucasfilm has ordered the removal of the Fan Documentary "Returning to Jedi" from Youtube.

    Tim Pelan reports:
    In what seems difficult to see as anything other than a case of sour grapes, Lucasfilm has successfully ordered the removal of Jamie Benning's Star Wars filmumentary tribute, Returning To Jedi, from YouTube.

    Apparently Lucasfilm was asked to look at the filmumentary recently, and then 20th Century Fox ordered the removal on the grounds of copyright infringement. Jamie has also removed his other extremely popular filmumentaries, Star Wars Begins, Building Empire, and preliminary work on his soon to be released Raiding The Lost Ark..."
    "He intends to put these on Vimeo instead; Star Wars Begins has already been successfully transferred to vimeo, and Raiding has specifically been edited for higher quality viewing in this format."
    "Jamie isn't the only fan film maker to feel the heavy hand of Lucas. Adrian Sayce, who has "remastered" Star Wars to correct colour grading, special effects errors, and added subtle effects, has been barred from uploading more videos to facebook of his new edit of The Empire Strikes Back."
    Unfortunately it seems that once again 20th Century Fox/Lucasfilm/George have mistakenly perceived a not-for-profit fan project, that only serves to enhance the legacy of Star Wars, as a threat to their property and its ability to make profits. One would think that the studios would do good to take the very popular fan created materials and release them with, or as a separate companion release to their source material, but it seems that great works like Returning to Jedi and Raiders: The Adaptation will continue to be pushed into the dark corners of the internet.

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    Posted on 01-19-2012 09:35 PM  Number of Views: 684 
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    Inline Image With the protests of SOPA/PIPA still resonating throughout the world wide web, the FBI has shut down one of the largest and most popular filehosting sites, Megaupload.

    Long a hated target of the film and music industries, Megaupload seems to think that they are part of the future of of content distribution, and are open to working with the very industry that despises them (remember Napster?).

    From the Megaupload site (before it was removed) "The fact is that the vast majority of Mega's Internet traffic is legitimate, and we are here to stay. If the content industry would like to take advantage of our popularity, we are happy to enter into a dialogue. We have some good ideas. Please get in touch."

    This will obviously effect the millions of users who depend on MU for their filesharing needs, but will it really fix the root causes of, and in effect reduce internet piracy, or will people just migrate to other sites? Share your thoughts on the Megaupload shutdown and SOPA/PIPA here.

    News Credit: doubleofive
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    Posted on 01-19-2012 09:20 PM  Number of Views: 1266 
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    Inline Image From a New York Times article comes this interesting recognition of fanediting from none other than George Lucas himself.

    "When fanboys wailed, Lucas did not just hear the scream of young Jedis; he heard something like the voice of the studio. The dumb, uncomprehending voice in his Socratic dialogues — a voice telling him how to make a blockbuster. “On the Internet, all those same guys that are complaining I made a change are completely changing the movie,” Lucas says, referring to fans who, like the dreaded studios, have done their own forcible re-edits. “I’m saying: ‘Fine. But my movie, with my name on it, that says I did it, needs to be the way I want it.’ ”

    Lucas seized control of his movies from the studios only to discover that the fanboys could still give him script notes. “Why would I make any more,” Lucas says of the “Star Wars” movies, “when everybody yells at you all the time and says what a terrible person you are?”

    Is Lucas really saying he's fine with FanEdits? Has our love of editing Star Wars given Lucas the perfect excuse to not release the original versions? It seems what George has missed and will likely continue to miss is that the fans of Star Wars don't really care what he does with Star Wars and understand it's his to do with as he wishes. Some even enjoy the Special Editions as just that, Special Editions. What the fans really want is the option to own (likely for the 4th or 20th time) the original unaltered films in whatever the latest high-quality format is. And as those movies are of great value in the history of film, one would think that he would want to be a part of their preservation.

    In the meantime, long live Star Wars FanEdits!

    Read the rest of the article here.
    Posted on 12-13-2011 06:01 PM
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    Inline Image
    Do as we say, not as we do seems to be the lesson here. IP addresses from several content creation companies such as Sony, Fox and Universal have been caught redhanded torrenting files. Of course they are claiming the addresses were "spoofed". Nothing like being caught doing what you don't want people doing.

    For the full article check out the article at Maximum PC.

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    Posted on 09-09-2011 11:01 AM  Number of Views: 427 
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    Inline Image Kirby Ferguson has released the third part in his exploration into media remixes, entitled (wait for it....) Everything is a Remix Part 3. Again, while it's not necessarily a fanedit, it definitely shows the power of editing and the creative process of taking that which is old and making it new.

    "The act of creation is surrounded by a fog of myths. Myths that creativity comes via inspiration. That original creations break the mold, that they’re the products of geniuses, and appear as quickly as electricity can heat a filament. But creativity isn’t magic: it happens by applying ordinary tools of thought to existing materials.

    And the soil from which we grow our creations is something we scorn and misunderstand, even though it gives us so much… and that’s copying. Put simply, copying is how we learn. We can’t introduce anything new until we’re fluent in the language of our domain, and we do that through emulation.

    For instance, all artists spend their formative years producing derivative work. Bob Dylan’s first album contained eleven cover songs. Richard Pryor began his stand-up career doing a not-very-good imitation of Bill Cosby. And Hunter S. Thompson re-typed The Great Gatsby just to get the feel of writing a great novel.. "

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    Posted on 09-02-2011 10:48 AM  Number of Views: 510 
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    Inline ImageWith the release of Final Cut Pro X, Apple discontinued their studio suite touting the advantages of the new NLE. Unfortunately, the software was half baked that result in a huge outcry.

    In an unusual move by Apple, they have begun selling Final Cut Studio again. The price is still the same at $999, $700 more than Final Cut Pro X, but it does come with additional software including DVD Studio Pro, Motion, Compressor and Soundtrack Pro. The downside is you have to call Apple directly to order the suite, as their site does not list it at all.

    Source: MacRumors

    Posted on 06-21-2011 02:28 PM     Number of Views: 555 
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    Inline ImageToday, Apple has released their highly anticipated next version of Final Cut Pro. It is a Mac App Store exclusive and will set you back $300 bucks. Motion 5 and Compressor 4 have also been released at $50 each. If your a Mac user then this is something to keep an eye on, as it is suppose to be the next leap forward in NLE software.

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