If any of you are thinking about purchasing this game...DONT!!!!!!!!!

I have never felt so ripped off in my entire life. The gameplay is almost exactly the same as the first game, there are 4 (4, as in FOUR and IV) levels (!) in the entire game, and you can beat it in as long as it takes to watch Das Boot. There's no multiplayer, only a couple of lame challenge maps for you to play after you beat the core story.

I use the word "story" very loosely as this doesn't really have anything a story requires. There's no beginning, middle or end, there's no motivation for the character to do any of the things he does, and there's no reason for you to care about anything that's, well, NOT happening.

Being a huge Star Wars fan, and a lover of the first game, I couldn't wait to play this. I am absolutely and horrendously disappointed. This is a rental at best, but if you spend more than $5 on that rental you may still feel cheated. Me? I'm trying to pass my copy off to some unsuspecting soul on eBay.

But it is pretty looking. I will say that.