So let's say I wanted to do a Fan Edit of a certain tv show from the 1970s featuring a favorite cybernetic hero of mine...

Now a lot of these older shows have significant Interlacing issues.

For fun, I attempted to Rip a couple of episodes with MAC THE RIPPER,
and then create QT Movie Files using MPEG Streamclip.

But I discovered the Interlacing became even more significant.
You can clearly see it in the Final Cut canvas viewer,
and when I burned the test footage to dvd,
the video was horrible! The Interlacing was significantly increased,
lots of jittering, stuttering, skipping, etc.
It is so bad, the images nearly caused me to have an epileptic seizure.

So I am looking for advice and/or recommendations.
Is the issue in the ripping process or in the movie file creation?