Did anyone else have this toy growing up?


I did. It was great fun. It was just a "projector" (basically, a glorified flashlight) through which you slid filmstrips with illustrations that briefly told the plot of the movie (or whatever story you were watching).

I had both this and the Empire Strikes Back version. Projecting these on my wall was great fun in the days before VCRs.

I had a hard time finding pictures and info about them again online, because I had thought for some reason that they were made by View-Master. In fact, View-Master was a competing company, and the Star Wars license was with Kenner, which already had the Give-a-Show Projector for many properties.

The reason why I mention all of this on this forum is because I had thought about doing a fan edit by using the stills and adding John Williams music to it. But it looks like someone already beat me to that idea.


Seeing all this again gave me a major blast of nostalgia. I hope it did the same for you!