Hey, I've got this super secret preservation project I'm finally giving my full attention (rhymes with bar whores). The final product will be a full resolution 1920x1080 HD WMV file optimized for playback on the XBox 360. This is unfamiliar territory. I see a lot of torrents for HD material "optimized for 360" and I want to know the best way to go about encoding this bad boy as to max out the potential quality. I'm currently running Batman Begins (HD) through Videora XBox 360 Converter, which gave me no real options except what resolution I want, but it was easy and it's sure to do everything correctly. The file is turning out to be less than 3 gigs (which I see a lot of "optimized for 360" material is less than 3 or 4 gigs), but I want to up the bit-rate and see if I can have it just under 8 gigs, so it could go on a DVD-9 and be in super bad-ass quality from an already amazing codec.

So I suppose the questions is these:
-what makes a file optimized for XBox 360 playback? (obviously .wmv, but what about the encoding profile?)
-Is there a reason so many 360 optimized HD-WMVs are so small? Do the bit-rates need to be under a certain number?
-can I up the bit-rate with some other .wmv encoder and still have a .wmv file compatible with the Xbox? Will it freeze or something if the bit-rate is too high?

It's just I see so many torrents for videos like these under a couple of gigs, and though the compression is impressive, I'd rather bring it up to a DVD-9 size. I would go to Doom9 with this question, but it's probably a pretty newb problem over there, so maybe I can post it here and get an answer without making a newb-ass out of myself. Hopefully someone can help.