Plan 2001 From Outer Space

Plan 2001 From Outer Space

August 07, 2012    
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Plan 2001 From Outer Space
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Brief Synopsis:
This edit removes the art-film pretentiousness from The Greatest Movie Ever Made and turns it into a fun, faster paced sci-fi flick while still retaining what little plot there was to begin with. Kubrick fanboys are advised to stay far, far away.
I felt like destroying something beautiful.
Additional Notes:
Plan 2001 From Outer Space is a spectacular movie that grows even more wondrous with each viewing. Adabisi’s masterpiece has awesome scope, touching the limits of interplanetary space and penetrating man’s inner destiny. “A uniquely poetic piece of science-fiction,” raved some nut on teh intarwebs, “hypnotically entertaining; technically and imaginatively it is staggering.” His mom said, “Adabisi’s special effects border on the miraculous – a quantum leap in quality over any sci-fi film ever made.” As producer, director and writer of the screenplay, Adabisi brought complex ideas to the screen with astounding immediacy that won him a much-deserved Fanedit Razzie Award. Moving from the prehistoric birth of intelligence to the emergence of man as pure thought, Plan 2001 From Outer Space is a brilliant achievement and a remarkable theatrical experience. The entire film is a stunning sensuous marvel – a cinematic experience like no other before or since. Plan 2001 From Outer Space: the more you see it, the more you’ll see in it.
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Editing Details:
Outright removed or shortened many frivolous scenes to get to the core of the film. Some frivolous scenes remain only to stand there and be mocked for their frivolity. Replaced and added to the entire musical score. I tried to make changes to the score have some sort of unique meaning – sometimes synching through musical or lyrical cues, sometimes for a laugh, sometimes for an “I see what you did there” moment or sometimes just plain fun.
Cuts and Additions:
-3 minutes of blank screen and opening credits
-Dawn of Man segment removed
-docking the spaceship shortened
-Floyd’s video call to his daughter removed
-conversation with Russian astronauts shortened
-landing on the Moon shortened
-changing the AE-35 shortened
-Intermission removed
-Dave returning to Jupiter One and killing HAL removed
-Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite shortened
-various small chops here and there to help the pace
-rearranged the order of many scenes

Completely new score featuring music from James Brown, Flight of the Conchords, Pink Floyd and many more.
Cover art by Adabisi (DOWNLOAD HERE)


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Watched it tonight and was entertained. Was it a masterpiece? Nah. Was it a fun watch? Yeah sure. Will I watch it again? Maybe, maybe not. But it was cool. Recommend? Sure, why not?

(Didn't rate anything except Enjoyment because whatever.)

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(Updated: September 05, 2012)
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The musical pieces were really groovy. Kubrick's images and Adabisi's selections fit remarkably well; he's your DJ for this cosmic journey, and his touch is deft, aside from the opening sequence using the clichéd "Eye of the Tiger," which had me worried the rest of the movie would brandish indigestible music. However, excepting that, kindly refer back to the first sentence o' this paragraph.

The tunes range from rockin' to tripmellowy. And really, what better to enjoy some psychedelic music to than shit in space?

Sex, I guess. Well, no, I don't guess, but back to topic.

I agree with geminigod that the edit feels long, and it has a lot to do with the unremarkable bits between the music sequences. Kubrick's version had a purpose to everything feeling kind of spaced out, testing your patience, and his vision fuckupedly works much of the time, but this edit has so much flavor (be it jammin' or loungin') in its music, that the in-between parts seem superslow.

And that could've been avoided. Yeah, so the dialogue is wooden—some of the actors were made of dried timber—but the dialogue could have been excised drastically and still conveyed necessary story elements. Plus, those dronin'-on scenes were musicless, thereby almost inviting a snip here and there.

Dude, one bit of advice. The comments you made at the end of the edit. . . really, it's best not to say. If you're confident you've composed the movie that makes you happy, just let the movie do the talking.

The music at the end without much else—I found that pleasant and enjoyable.

Small, technical nitpick: the black levels drop abruptly at the end of the moving pictures and before the parting words.

Overall, this edit is worth a viewing for its marriage of music and images. Some of it is downright funktastic.

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Im not exactly sure what i think of this one yet. For me i felt the title “plan 2001 from outer space” tells me it will be a cheaper sci fi version of the movie more like plan 9, but what i got was both a nicely boiled down version of the movie and some brilliant musical parts but i felt like i was watching two different edits at the same time, and for me it didn`t quite gel.
One could easily take the structure of this edit and instead of the 70`s music use 50`s B-movie themes in there place for a very retro feel, but the way adabisi has it i feel like the non musical parts need a little extra something to help them fit in with the great musical parts.

For the structure of the edit, if it is meant to be like a cheap B-movie, i would give that a 8 out of 10 for execution.

The musical parts are an easy 10 out of 10.

But on the whole I give it a 7 out of 10.

Side notes: What gem said: “f you are a 2001 fan and music fan, I would recommend this. If not, it might not be up your alley”
Those musical parts are truly great and rather enjoyable.

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Had a chance to watch this. As a musical mashup, it is pretty fun and not a huge time commitment. Oddly, though, even with the short runtime, it still felt too long. The editing is a bit crude, but I am glad I watched it and was overall entertained.

If you are a 2001 fan and music fan, I would recommend this. If not, it might not be up your alley.

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