Say Anything... Extended Edition

Say Anything... Extended Edition

October 13, 2012    
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Say Anything... Extended Edition
Faneditor Name:
To know Lloyd Dobler is to love him. Diane Court is about to know Lloyd Dobler.
Original Movie Title:
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Original Release Date:
Original Running Time:
100 minutes
Fanedit Release Date:
Fanedit Running Time:
125 minutes
Time Cut:
2 minutes
Time Added:
27 minutes

Brief Synopsis:
An improbable couple meets after high school graduation and must deal with their friends, family, and other pressures just to stay together.

Finally, a fanedit you don't have to force your wife or girlfriend to watch.
To add in the deleted and extended scenes to one of my favorite movies. In doing that, some of the character arcs feel more rounded out.
Additional Notes:
Like a lot of deleted scenes, these aren’t the greatest quality. Nothing terrible but they’re noticeable.
Special Thanks:
njvc for being an awesome musician.
Release Information
  • NTSC DVD-5
Editing Details:
At first I contemplated doing a kitchen sink Extended Edition, adding every deleted or extended scene and using alternate takes. In the end I chickened out on the alternate takes (there is 1 alternate scene) as I couldn’t cut some of the iconic moments.

The audio for the deleted scenes are in 2.0 and some of the sound mixing a little rough. In some of the scenes I added some 5.1 ambience/music tracks but not all of them.
Cuts and Additions:

Cut –

Lloyd in the rain on the phone with Constance. Replaced it with the version in the Alternate Scenes.

Added –

Deleted Scenes:
Mr. Deegan at Party
Corey Sings “He Hurts Me”
Court in Front of City Council Meeting
“Cool English Road Tape”
Diane Looks For Lloyd
Agent Sims in Eva’s Room
Lloyd Giving Advice to Girl

Montage of Love Clips – I only added the scenes of Lloyd and the elderly. I didn’t add the kissing in the rain extended take.

Sims Questions Court At The Home – Only the second half was added.

(I did not add “Love Birds in Bed”.)

Extended Scenes:
Joe and Corey in Garage
Taking Mike Home
Talk About England in Car Ride Home
Diane Takes Lloyd on Tour of Her Work
Dinner Party and Smoke on Front Porch
Seafood Restaurant
Diane Breaks Up With Lloyd in Car
Lloyd Driving Home
IRS Office
Gas ‘n Sip
Attorney’s Office

Mike in Toilet – I cut the end of this.

Alternate Scenes I Didn’t Have The Nerve To Use:
Lloyd & Diane Outside Karate Studio
Diane in Bedroom
Lloyd with Boombox
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Say Anything is one of my all-time favorites from the 80's. I really enjoyed this edit, but not for any of the usual reasons. I was very interested in seeing the additional scenes and I can very well see why they were excised by the original editors. The theatrical version was well balanced and the cuts were well thought out. This edit really makes me appreciate the film editors craft. I really wish Neglify would have used the alternate scenes that he didn't have the nerve to use, just to see a greater contrast with the theatrical version.

The editing itself seemed well done, given the source material. Obviously, the deleted scenes were noticeable for their lack of audio and video quality, but Neglify did extremely well in making it as seamless as possible.

I do not intend this review as any sort of slam on the fan editor. On the contrary, I appreciate what he did. It gives me a greater understanding of this 80's classic and the art of film editing.

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This is a charming movie that gets its charm upgraded by the addition of multiple deleted scenes. The added footage is notably different in visual quality (lighting, graininess) but tonally fits the rest of the film by allowing you to see better where the characters are in their emotional journey. Fine performances by all the cast and very little cliche make this romance more than a mere teen romcom, and Neg's version fleshes out the characters to make a likable movie even moar likabler.

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