A new take on Love and Mercy presents a 60’s-only Brian Wilson biopic

The 2014 biopic Love & Mercy presented an in-depth look at the life of Brian Wilson through his peak artistic years in the 1960s and his troubled times in the 1980s.  While the entire film presents a fascinating look at the life of this hugely influential artist, the film can’t help but feel like two movies rolled into one.

Prolific faneditor TM2YC has utilized only the 1960s footage of Brian Wilson, played by Paul Dano to create a focused look at the early years of this Beach Boy.  From the editor:

24713646466_2d141739e8Love and Mercy’ tells the story of Beach Boys star Brian Wilson’s rise, fall and eventual redemption across two different intercut time periods. One half starring Paul Dano as 1960s Brian, recording his most famous work and the other half starring John Cusack as 1980s Brian, in the grasp of his controlling Psychiatrist.

The 80s material isn’t bad by any means and tells an interesting story, it’s just that Paul Dano’s performance is so fantastic and the 60s recording sessions are recreated with such love and detail… that I really only want to rewatch those parts. Thankfully, the narrative when the 80s material is stripped away remains cohesive. So this is my ideal John-Cusack-free version of ‘Love and Mercy’, called ‘The Brian Wilson Sessions’


Check out a trailer for the cut:

For more information on the fanedit, visit the forum discussion HERE, or check out the IFDb page.