A skeptic’s take on The Passion of The Christ is guaranteed hilarity


Re-subtitled/dubbed short video clips flood YouTube, and some are pure comedic genius. With exception, the effect generally wears thin after a few minutes. Resident faneditor ssj is the exception though. In 2012 he gave us a profanely hilarious, resubtitled version of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon proving that even brilliant, cherished films are not safe from the faneditor’s touch.  This time around we are treated to a heavily-trimmed edit of The Passion of The Christ, with more than 600 impious subtitles. Heaps of violence and miracles have been excised, creating a “Godsploitation” edit, that breathes new life into the story of Jesus’ death. From ssj:

Through the magic of subtitling, Jesus’s last hours are retold from a skeptical perspective with ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ sensibility, dashes of absurdity, and plenty of questions. This ain’t your grandma’s messianic tale.  Content Advisory: Blasphemy, symbolic cannibalism, deicide, and supernatural sh*t!

Feeling blasphemous? Take a peek at the edit’s trailer:

For more info on this unique edit, check out the forum discussion and the IFDb page. We loved Godsmacked, and hopefully Jesus will be back this Easter in Godsmacked 2: Bigger, Longer, Uncut!