Andreas Wins November 2018 FEOTM

At this point, we thought everything and anything that could be done with Star Wars: Episode I had been done. Andreas proved us wrong. For the month of November, Andreas won FEOTM with his edit Star Wars: Episode I – The Ancient Lore. This is his second FEOTM win.

Knowing how many different takes there are on The Phantom Menace – and has been since 1999 (!), what stood out for me very clear since the beginning, apart from a bunch of what I thought were brilliant ideas that could work – was to make it different. Not make it a Fanedit, but a FanFix – more of a remake, if you will. Only then could it actually be worth many years of my time.

I grew up with the love of Star Wars and the excitement around The Phantom Menace and the prequel trilogy, but I never felt the magic stay with me for The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones (and to a degree RotS as well) as it did with the Original Trilogy. This was the red herring that made me interested in the creation and intellectual process behind the making of TPM, that made me realize the lost potential and go for a search on how to make it work. And thus The Ancient Lore was born.

Congratulations with Andreas on winning November 2018 Favorite Edit of the Month!

Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace on IMDB
Star Wars: Episode I – The Ancient Lore on IFDB

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