August 2018 FEOTM


We’ve had another month with eight fanedits released, so we have a good competition going for Favorite Edit of the Month. Your nominees are:

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Episode V: Rise of the Dark Side by smudger9
Mars: Phase 1 & Phase 2 by Last Impressions
Justice League Reborn by JLfanedit
The Hobbit: The Original Two-Film Structure by Adam Dens
The Lost World: Jurassic Park – The Cretaceous Cut by Bonson Dugnutt
Rogue One: The Battle of Scarif by eldusto84
Halloween II: The Likable Characters Cut by Ryantology
Thor: Ragnarok – Trimmed Edition by DigModiFicaTion

Be sure to watch as many edits as you can (and are allowed) and then vote!

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