DigModiFicaTion Wins FEOTM May/June 2017


DigModiFicaTion has won the May/June 2017 Fanedit of the Month competition for his Star Wars: The Force Awakens edit, Heir to the Force! The other two entries, Hollywood Apocalypse: The Electronic Killer and Return to the Planet of the Apes, were both exceptional edits, but they were no match for the love of Star Wars.

From DigModiFicaTion:

I remember enjoying this movie in the theaters when I first saw it, but felt that Abrams missed out on the opportunity to extend the mystery surrounding Kylo Ren. I remember being very disappointed when Kylo’s parentage was revealed so early and so casually in the film. The main intent of this edit was to prolong Kylo’s reveal, remove as much of the Rathtar sequence as possible, and remove Rey finding Luke from the end of the movie to mirror the ending of TESB. As the the edit progressed and feedback was given, the challenge to add a hologram effect to Snoke as well as the creation of a new crawl, title, and Falcon turret sfx.

Congratulations to DigModiFicaTion on his FEOTM win!

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens on IMDB
Star Wars: Heir to the Force on IFDB

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