Ex Machina fanedit promises no God, but more dancing!


Remember the last time you watched a sci-fi thriller and thought to yourself: “You know what, this movie has waaayyyy too much God, and not nearly enough dancing.”  Alright, maybe the thought never popped into your head, but that is exactly what faneditor thecuddlyninja thought after viewing Ex Machina.  The 2015 thriller got great reviews, and even the editor himself confesses that he loves the movie. Still, no film goes untouched at fanedit.org, and thecuddlyninja couldn’t help but tweak an already great film.  The goals of this edit were simple. First, no God. Nope, sorry God, you’re gone. Second, MORE DANCING. And third, end the movie a few minutes earlier.  Here’s a trailer:


Go ahead, lose yourself to dance and check out this fanedit. For more information on the edit, join the discussion in the forums, or check out the IFDb listing.