Feature This Podcast – May 23, 2016

Two new episodes of the Feature This Podcast have been posted, and this time they are on The Bride in Black and Iron Man 3 Reinforged.

thebrideinblackDirector James Wan followed up his popular horror film Insidious with a sequel that didn’t merely retread its predecessor, but provided a new addition to the story making it a sequel in the truest sense of the word.  However, with a first act that seems to ignore the events of the first movie while the script itself takes place moments afterwards, the film stumbles and is unable to successfully recreate the gripping scares of the original.

Faneditor TheCuddlyNinja, after his edit of the original Insidious which featured an overhaul of the film’s score, revisited the conceit here by exchanging this movie’s score with music from Goblin.  Moreover, he set out to correct the film’s narrative problems, particularly in the first act.  Join Beezo, Ethan and Donna as they discuss The Bride in Black with the fan editor himself, TheCuddlyNinja.

Feature This Podcast – The Bride in Black

The Bride in Black on IFDB

ironman3reforgedIron Man 3 marks the first return of Iron Man after the Avengers as well as the return of Writer/Director Shane Black with star Robert Downy Jr.  The film’s wit-charged comedic dialog, breeziness and well executed actions sequences won over critics and made it a box office success.

Despite these accolades, fans of the franchise were quick to harp on several aspects of the film, including a go-nowhere sub-plot featuring a kid in the second act.  Faneditor Juice4z0 has made an edit not only to address various plot inconsistencies, but primarily to “remove the child and all the parts to do with him.”  Join Beezo as he discusses Iron Man 3 and Juice4z0’s fan edit, Iron Man 3 Reforged.

Feature This Podcast – Iron Man 3 Reforged

Iron Man 3 Reforged on IFDB