FEOTM – November 2017 Runoff

On occasion one of our Favorite Edits of the Month polls results in a tie. When that happens we do a one week runoff. The two finalists for the November 2017 FEOTM poll are:



Doctor Who – The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith – This is an attempt to take the two parter Sarah Jane Adventures serial “The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith” and turn it into one of the 2009 Doctor Who specials for outgoing Doctor David Tennant.








The intent of this project was to create a complete set of Harry Potter extended editions that mimic the versions seen on ABC Family/FreeForm, but are not exact duplicates. Certain deleted scenes have been incorporated that were not added back to the TV versions, or scenes created from other content to allow for the inclusion of a deleted scene.





This poll will run until Wednesday, January 10.

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