Ironman23 Wins FEOTM July 2017

August is over and that means we have a winner for the Favorite Edit of the Month for July 2017! We had five fantastic edits to choose from, but Ironman23 beat the others. with Fant4stic: The Unaired TV Pilot!

From Ironman23:

I personally believe that this rendition of the first superhero family is by far the absolute worst of all the F4 films. It’s overly drab and downbeat, nothing happens at all until maybe the third act, all the actors look bored out of their mind (with the exception of maybe Reg E. Cathy or Michael B. Jordon) and the whole thing looks like “Man of Steel” with no concept of color or proper lighting. So, along with all of that, I tried re-ordering a few events so we get a “In medias res” style opening to kick things off and grab the audience’s attention, remove any poor attempts at humor and tighten up any good gags I could find, as well as any small additions to sfx that might at least create a decent story out of a terrible film.

Congratulations on the win, Ironman23!

Fantastic Four on IMDB
Fant4stic: The Unaired TV Pilot on IFDB

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