June 2019 FEOTM

Six eligible fanedits were released in the month of June. For your consideration, they are:


Battlestar Galactica: Saga of a Starworld – The Enhanced Edit by David Kerin

Story structure remains essentially the same as the original 3 part tv movie. A few continuity corrections. The only significant edit/cut is the conversation between Adama and Apollo about going down to Caprica. Otherwise, the biggest changes are FX enhancement to many scenes (eg. adding planets to the background), replacing dodgy FX shots (eg. Cylon Basestar descending on Carrillon) or background mattes and making some of the battle sequences less repetitive, while trying to maintain the visual look of the original without going overboard with CGI.


Star Trek: Let The World Slip by The Warlord

An edit combining Star Trek: The Original episodes’ ‘For the World is Hollow and I have Touched the Sky’ and ‘The Paradise Syndrome’ into one extended episode.


Babylon 5: Phoenix Rising Arc by lapis molari

The first half of BABYLON 5’s season 5 is dominated by the telepath story arc Phoenix Rising, where Lyta develops from a direction-less character on the periphery to a focused key character. It’s more enjoyable by making Byron less pretentious and a little less prominent. He is a catalyst for Lyta rather than a driving force in his own right. Other storylines in these episodes are unchanged.


Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (Value-Sized Version) by TheMilkmanConspiracy

Crafted using a mixture of the Theatrical, Unrated, Super-Sized Version, and blu-ray supplemental material, the aim of this edit was to create a funnier, tighter film worthy of being a successor to the first Anchorman. Entire subplots have been removed, and jokes have been pulled from all commercially available material, resulting in a much more focused film and, in my opinion at least, a much funnier one as well.


Doctor Who: Listen (Fear Can Take You Home) by Zarius

A twenty-three minute trim of the Eighth Series Doctor Who episode “Listen”, focusing entirely on the Orson Pink storyline and trimming Clara’s disastrous date with Danny Pink so they only screw up just the once.


Apollo 13: Go For Launch Cut by nostromo777

Replace a few shots in Apollo 13, using the the amazing 65mm footage from Apollo 11 (2019).


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