Lapis Molari Wins February 2019 FEOTM

After a runoff for February 2019, lapis molari won the poll with the edit Iron Man 2: At the Core of It!

Vanko is a determined but minor villain who never rises to Stark’s level. Hammer, though naive, is more ruthless in his thirst for power. I imagine him in a future story as enabler for villains. And Pepper mostly stands by her man instead of the angry on-again-off-again relationship. Iron Man 2 introduces Black Widow and War Machine, and sets the stage for the Avengers movie.

Iron Man 2 was one of the weakest installments in the MCU. No focus, too much snarky humor, a teeth-grindingly stupid Justin Hammer. No longer! This edit is a major overhaul of the storyline. Lots of dialog is trimmed, scenes moved around, deleted scenes inserted.

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