Lots of blood, two edits, and one Maniac


The prolific Faneditor known only as Maniac, strikes again this week with not one but two new FanEdits.

The first is a FanFix which cuts down Michael Cimino’s Oscar-Winning and exceedingly long 3-Hour Vietnam film ‘The Deer Hunter’ to a concise 113 minutes. He calls it simply ‘One Shot’. It’s either cinematic sacrilege, or a much needed trim of a seriously self-indulgent movie… depending on your opinion of the original!

The second is a creative FanMix inter-cutting Sam Raimi’s original 1981 ‘The Evil Dead’ with the definite-article-eschewing 2013 remake. He calls this one ‘Possession’. Two cabins, two woods, two Necronomicons and two million buckets of blood!