Man of Steel: now with John Williams!


Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel was met with mixed response, but one of the biggest complaints was that it just didn’t feel like Superman.  The bleak color grade and score by Hans Zimmer seemed like appropriate choices for a modern-day action/superhero movie, but these aspects are in stark contrast to the Superman films that preceded Man of Steel.

With much work, faneditor Agent9 has taken the film and shaped it into something Supes fans will love: The new edit features a complete score replacement (yep, you guessed it, John Williams!), heavy color-correction, and countless cuts and replacements to bring Man of Steel in line with the Superman franchise.  Footage from a number of films was used to bring key shots to the story, including shots from: Superman Returns, Guardians of the Galaxy, Contact, Superman: The Movie 78′, The Thing (2011), and even some NASA Footage. The result is a leaner, more appropriate Superman film.  Have a peek:


With Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice on the cusp of theatrical release, Agent 9’s fanedit is perfectly timed.  For more detailed information on the edit, check out the forum discussion and the IFDb listing.