New edit of Nightbreed seeks to create the longest possible cut

fanedit_front_nightbreed_integralBased on Clive Barker’s novel, Cabal, Nightbreed has seen a few different cuts, each offering bits of unique footage. The Integral Cut is now the longest version of Nightbreed (Cabal) to ever be released.  The fanedit incorporates mostof the deleted scenes, alternate shots and b-roll footage that is available on the recent blu-ray edition. All the scenes have been color-corrected, re-edited and re-scored to make the transitions as seamless as possible. With over 13 minutes of added footage, this Integral Cut intends to deliver a more complete and coherent version than the European cut, the Director’s cut or the Cabal cut of the film. This is a “transitionary” cut while waiting for the Swedish Cinemasochist’s fan-edit, which promises to be something to be remembered for all Barker fans.



For more information on the edit, visit the forum discussion here or the IFDb page.