October FEOM 2018 Runoff

We’re having another runoff for Favorite Edit of the Month! Two edits tied with 3 votes each. Head to our forums where you’ll have 7 days to vote on this runoff.


Blade Runner 2049: New Vangelis Cut by Problem Eliminator – What would a modern day Blade Runner score by Vangelis sound like? This edit rescores Blade Runner 2049 with new music from the composer’s 2016 album Rosetta and his Blade Runner tribute album from 2007. The music is supplemented by some earlier Vangelis tracks, as well as material by John Barry and others. No music from the original Blade Runner is used, except when sampled by Vangelis on the BR tribute album. In addition, the edit is approx. 15 minutes shorter, mainly from trimming Wallace’s scenes to a minimum and cutting Gaff and Rachael.




The Room: Torn Apart by TheUltimate – The Room has always provided a good time for those who are willing to sit through it. But for those who don’t want to experience 3 consecutive sex scenes in the first 3o minutes, I have cut all sections of this movie that could deemed ‘NSFW’. So this cut is less focused on ‘fixing’ The Room, and more on making it ok to watch with friends and family. This isn’t a total ‘PG’ cut, (there is still plenty of swearing, and the plot, however little there is, is still focused on infidelity), just a minor re-tooling to make it more approachable for those who want to join in on the fun.





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