Rules has several rules in place to protect its users and the site as a whole. These rules are for all parts of, including the Internet Fanedit Database (IFDb) as well as the forums and their users. Please take a few minutes to educate yourself, because ignoring these rules could result in you being banned from our sites.

  1. Hosting., IFDb, and its forums do NOT host copies of fanedits. We are strictly a news, reviews, and discussion site. If you are looking for a copy of a fanedit, you can try searching newsgroups, torrent trackers, or indexing sites (e.g., myspleen,, tehparadox, etc.). Please note, we are not affiliated with any of these sites, so be careful what you download as we are not liable. You can also try sending a private message (PM) to the faneditor through our forums. If you don’t receive a response within a reasonable time period, you can make one request in our Requests & Trades forum. Asking for a fanedit in any other forum or thread is strictly prohibited.
  2. Own the Source.  To ensure the copyright owner receives compensation for their work, a faneditor must use an officially released source they purchased. Examples include: Blu-ray, DVD, and a downloadable copy through a site like iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play. Captures of streaming copies are not acceptable.
  3. OWN. THE. SOURCE. Likewise for fanedit fans: to download a fanedit, please own an officially released copy of the film. You must own a source equal to or of higher resolution than the fanedit.
  4. Courtesy. We expect our members to be courteous. When adding a review, comment, or post, please keep your language clean. We are a PG-13ish site.
  5. Multiple accounts or deceptive posting is forbidden. Multiple accounts, either because of forgotten login information or intentional usage of a sock account, is forbidden. We regularly scan IP addresses and remove duplicate accounts. If we find that you are using a fake account to deceive forum members about edit feedback, ratings, or voting in polls, you may receive infractions or be banned.

For a more detailed description of our policies, click HERE.