The Cuddly Ninja puts us into the Murder House


After five seasons, American Horror Story has taken us to haunted mansions, insane asylums, covens, traveling freak shows, and hotels, and tested the depths of our fears. Each season has had it’s strengths, but none has quite reached the consistent quality that the debut series had with Murder House. Given the excellent acting and production, shows like American Horror Story are ripe for the film treatment. Faneditor thecuddlyninja has done just that, but taking the 12 episodes and whittling them into a gruesome 97 minute thriller. Footage from additional sources, as well as season 3 of American Horror Story (Coven) are mixed in to flesh out the tale. So, grab your blanky, and prepare to have the sh*t scared out of you:

This isn’t the first venture into television for thecuddlyninja, who last September offered us a feature film crafted from the first season of The Game of Thrones.  Jump into the forum discussion or check out the IFDb entry for more information.