The Love Consecution is finally here… can you feel it?


A year and a half in the making… the 9th Official Consecution is here! Previous Consecutions have covered topics like Cops, Time-Travel and Space but this time the subject voted for was “Love” (Sweet love), so we’ve got ten short fanedits by seven editors, all exploring themes of romance. Some are sweet, some are sour and some are just crazy in love. The material involved ranges from films from the 1960s, TV comedies and half the filmography of John Cusack.


matrixgrindhouse has kindly put together a handy DVD package for your viewing pleasure and Rogue-theX has created some gorgeous hand-painted cover-artwork. The ten edits are also available to stream on the Vimeo page, or can be found on the ‘Love Consecution’ ifdb listing, under the “Video” tab.

If you’re still feeling shy about letting this project into your life, don’t worry, here is the trailer to get you in the mood for lovin’…

Alright, you know you want to watch them all now… Well, here they are:

Find out about all the shorts here.

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