ThrowgnCpr releases a new X-Files edit

After more than 7 years since his release of Exordium, an edit of the mythology episodes from the first season of The X-Files, ThrowgnCpr has completed a new edit from the franchise.

article_xf_iwtb_frontThis time, we’re offered a new take on the 2008 film, I Want To Believe. This fanedit blends the theatrical and Director’s cuts, while trimming some of the less than desirable parts. Additionally, the entire film has been re-graded to remove some of the heavy teal saturation imposed on the film.  Many fans were disappointed with the series’ sequel movie since it was more or less an extended monster-of-the-week type episode. However, the movie has aged well, and it is clear that the cast and crew put a lot of care into the film.

The series often had fun and silly moments scattered throughout episodes, but sometimes these were less than successful. The few attempts at humor in I Want To Believe often fell flat or didn’t fit the scene’s tone. Moments that didn’t make the final cut of the fanedit included: the presidents photo gag, excessive references to Googling, and Xzibit being overly-Xzibit. Several other minor adjustments were made to improve pacing or reduce obvious CGI moments in a very practical movie.

The color re-grade was also a big component of this fanedit. The final color on the theatrical release of the film is interesting: I Want To Believe was early on the orange-teal bandwagon, and it’s clear that the crew put a lot of thought into how the movie would look during pre-production. Nearly all of the sets are heavily colored in teal, so much of the look of the film was done in-camera.  That said, the editors and colorists pushed the color much further in post, which gave some scenes an over-the-top saturation. Additionally a few color aberrations and artifacts (e.g., a purple hospital interior and a green stop sign) slipped into the final release. ThrowgnCpr has carefully adjusted the film scene by scene, and sometimes shot by shot to bring the palette into a more realistic spectrum, while trying to honor the filmmaker’s intent.



Samples of the color work can be viewed here:

The edit has been released as a 1080p MKV and an NTSC DVD5.  Here is a look at the DVD main menu:


For more information on the edit, visit the forum discussion here or the IFDb page.