TM2YC Wins FEOTM (again!) December 2016

This is the second win of Favorite Edit of the Month for TM2YC in as many months. Last month he won for Star Trek Vengeance, and this month it was for Ghostbusters III. It’s time for TM2YC to stop showing off now, amiright?

All joking aside, TM2YC has proven himself to be one of the top editors in the community, and the win is well deserved. That’s not to say the other nominees weren’t good — they were — because it was a close race.

From the editor:

Both the ‘Theatrical Cut’ and ‘Extended Edition’ of ‘Ghostbusters (2016)‘ are massively flawed IMO. However, in fanedit tradition, I think with the flaws removed the film is a really strong one. The cast is great, the story is good, some of the humour is spot on, the costume/set/prop design is imaginative, the visFX (A mixture of CGI and practicalFX) are nice and it brings a fresh more action-packed, colourful and fun take on the Ghostbusters universe.

The detractors would have it that the film was a total train-wreck but I think it’s actually a good movie… wrecked in the editing room. They tried to squeeze in as much of their cast improving jokes as they could and forgot to concentrate on the story and people. It felt choppy and incoherent as scenes are constantly interrupted by irrelevant improved jokes. Worst of all, no character felt real, as they all say crazy out-of-character and out-of-reality stuff. Holtzmann can say and do crazy stuff because that is who she is, everyone else should act like they exist in a real world. Then we will believe in them, get invested in them and laugh along with their problems.

Congratulations to TM2YC for winning the Favorite Edit of the Month December 2016!

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