TM2YC Wins FEOTM November 2016


TM2YC is no stranger to the Favorite Edit of the Month, this being his fourth win and with good reason: TM2YC is a craftsman, a true master faneditor. If you’ve never checked out his edits before, then Star Trek Vengeance is a great place to start.

From the editor:

I liked ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ a lot but from the first viewing but I could see the flaws and could see ways to fix them. So this is an attempt to create my ideal version, a version that brings out the best of what was always there. The “plot holes” remain (Removing them would be like trying to make a bowl, out of a sieve) but the emotional impact and character motivations are now what I think they should have been.

Congratulations to TM2YC on his win!

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