TM2YC Wins October 2017 FEOTM

October’s FEOTM poll has come and gone and TM2YC has taken the award with his edit of Man of Steel: A Symbol of Hope. This is his six with in the Favorite Edit of the Month poll.

About his edit:

MOS-ASOH sticks closer to the positive character of Superman we know from the comics and from the older movies. Hans Zimmer created a fantastic “hero theme” for Henry Cavill’s Superman (sometimes called ‘What are you going to do when you are not saving the world?’) but sadly it was not really used in the original cut of MOS. Here it is deployed appropriately for Superman’s heroic or emotional moments, in the same way that John William’s theme was used for Christopher Reeve. This is the most obvious change in MOS-ASOH, requiring a lot of soundFX replacement work.

Excessive levels of chaos and destruction during the boringly overlong action sequences are trimmed (where possible), especially if it was Superman causing it. Superman/Clark committing acts of violent retribution, or being indifferent to the plight of those around him are excised (where possible). Clark does not now make a deliberate choice to let Pa Kent die, he just hesitates when maybe he should have acted. Some of the swearing is removed to make this film more family friendly. A complete re-grade has been done shot-by-shot to remove the green/brown tint, increase saturation/contrast and to make Superman’s suit more colourful. Some scenes are re-ordered to improve pacing, or refocus dramatic moments. Some onscreen titles are added.

Congratulations on your win, TM2YC!

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