Week of April 1, 2018 – New Fanedit Releases

No joke, we have four new edits this week! In alphabetical order they are:



Blade Runner 2049: Aerodynamik by TM2YC – My intention was to present the same film, with no scenes removed, no shots removed and no lines removed but with the excessively slow pace of the editing fixed. Great pains have been taken to make sure every shot is as long as it needs to be and no longer, even if this is a matter of a few frames. That does not mean I wanted the film to feel fast, I still wanted it to feel slow and considered, but not to the ludicrous extremes of the original cut. So when dramatic pauses are appropriate, they are still there.







Civil War: Vengeance Has Consumed You by Zarius – With a tighter focus on the narrative and the use of footage from Spider-Man: Homecoming, this edit attempts to provide Civil War with more of a myusstery behind Zemo’s scheme as well as an alternate introduction to Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man.








Game of Thrones: A Tale of Kings and Honor by Andreas – A streamlined and fast-paced narrative, in the structural and musical spirit of the Lord of the Rings franchise. Season 1 in 2 hours and 36 minutes, with the epic score of Howard Shore.








La La Land: No Dancing Edition by Last Impressions – An aspiring actress and jazz pianist pursue their dreams but will the dream tear them apart. Spotlight or once in a lifetime love… without the dancing.





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