Week of April 28, 2019 – New Fanedits

There are two new fanedits released this week:

The Titanic (Restructured) by Andreas


One of my absolute favorite movies. This is not a movie that need anything done. It doesn’t need a remake. It doesn’t need to be remade. It doesn’t have many problems. It is an historical film with the liberty of adding a working romance into it to intruige its audience and connect them to the disaster that changed the world back in 1912, and still haunt us to this day.

So why do I do this edit? I do it because I want to make a kind of V2 version of the movie for those that feel like watching a more “disaster movie/suspense movie” side to the story, rather than the more romance-driven side of it. Focus more on humanity and passengers during the second half.




Contact: A Personal Voyage by lapis molari


We explore one possible road to mankind’s first encounter with extraterrestial life. Curiosity and the scientific method clash with fear, religion, and greed. Along the way everyone’s beliefs are tested. The film is a tribute to Carl Sagan who spent his life popularizing scientific inquiry, who tirelessly championed the search for extraterrestial life, and who stimulated the awe and sense of wonder in all of us. The edit is about Dr. Arroway’s personal journey more than mankind’s journey. Her perseverance against the odds and despite resistance. Palmer Joss, the alien, and Mr. Kitz are less frustrating, and the last quarter of the film is greatly improved. As epilogue Dr. Sagan himself talks about Contact, science, and religion (audio excerpt from 1985 Studs Terkel interview).







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