Week of April 7, 2019 – New Fanedits

Three new edits on IFDB this week. They are:

Fury Road by Amadi




The character of Max Max Rockatansky is entirely removed from the movie. The only leftover is a random, nameless ‘blood bag’ strapped to Nux’s car in the first part of the movie. Apart from that – he’s gone. And the story still makes perfect sense 🙂






Alien 3: Third Cut by 15MaF



This uses The Assembly Cut as it’s base and introduces Theatrical Cut elements that I have a preference for. I also attempt to clean up the colour and contrast imbalances in certain composite shots. I also add extra FX for dramatic effect in places, to improve visually on the original or to technically facilitate differences in lighting between the 2 versions when using footage for the same scenes.






Superman 2: The Richard Donner Cut: Fourth Option by Zarius




Inspired partially by a scene from the ending of the Superman II redux by booshman, this “fourth option” edit allows you to view the Donner cut of Superman II in almost it’s unaltered entirety with yet another alternative outcome, one that does not include the time travel, amnesia kiss, or even the heartbreak of a Lois/Clark break-up.