Week of August 11, 2019 – New Fanedits

This week we have three new edits listed on IFDB, two of which are James Bond films.

For Your Eyes Only: 007 Cut by nostromo777

Synopsis: Tighten the editing film, and replace the Bill Conti score with classic John Barry music from other Bond films.


Spectre: The LS Cut by LastSurvivor

Synopsis: Spectre was an attempt by Eon Productions and director Sam Mendes to embrace the grandiose nature of the Bond films of yesteryear, both in terms of the locales used, the scope of the picture and in bringing back the arch villain Blofeld and the Spectre organisation. Whilst it was wildly successful at the box-office, the reception on the film was very mixed. Some reveled in the large scale nature of the film, whilst others cited a poor script, lacklustre direction and a poorly executed idea of linking all the Daniel Craig Bond films together – not to mention the little controversial storyline regarding Blofeld being related to Bond as an adoptive brother.


The Game: Amended by DigModiFicaTion

Synopsis: Millionaire loaner Nicholas Van Orton receives a birthday present from his brother, a game to bring fun to his life, or take it all away…. This edit intends to make The Game into a PG-13 outing by eliminating the excessive language and portions of the hotel scene.