Week of August 5, 2018 – New Fanedit Releases

Three new fanedits this week, including the first Justice League edit.



Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Episode V: Rise of the Dark Side by smudger9 – 6 episodes of the Clone Wars TV series edited into a seamless theatrical Star Wars movie including the classic opening crawl and Pan shot. This is the fifth installment of my Clone Wars Movie Series and centres on the Return of Darth Maul… see how he survived his defeat to Obi-Wan Kenobi in The Phantom Menace to eventually appear in Solo: A Star Wars Story and the Rebels TV series.






Mars: Phase 1 & Phase 2 by Last Impressions – National Geographic series MARS is a unique hybrid of different storytelling techniques. On one side it’s a fictional drama starting in the year 2033 and tells the story of the Daedalus crew by following their epic journey as the first manned mission to the red planet and their attempts to colonise it and on the other hand it is a documentary that focuses on how we will get there and more importantly survive and flourish. My intention is to separate fiction from fact.





Justice League Reborn by JLfanedit – A more streamlined Justice League cut with added deleted scenes from trailers and bonus material. I’ve tried to keep it in the spirit of the previous films as much as possible, while still keeping the lighter tone. This is to improve the balance between the Joss Whedon reshoots and what Zack Snyder originally shot.





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