Week of February 17, 2019 – New Fanedits

There are two new fanedits this week.

Batman & Robin: A Different Lens by Zarius – I believe it was Akiva Goldsman that said it best in the documentary/retrospective for the movie, “there are different lenses with which to see the world”, and likened Batman and Robin to one of the more traditional silver age stories where good overcame evil and there was a modest and wholesome message as well as a true feel of family.

This is not a hard edit by any means, I’ve left the third act completely intact, but I’ve scaled back the more farcical aspects of the Batman and Robin arguing, the trust issues are more prominent than the bickering over Ivy, and both fights dovetail into one another with organic ease. No, there’s no bat-credit card, no there’s no Robin being thrown into a vat of goo either. No “Mr. Frosty” singalong, there is an attempt to scaling back Freeze’s ice puns etc.


Ghost in the Shell 2017: Lean & Mean Edition by FairFriend – The theatrical cut was full of lines which were very on the nose. Additionally, there was a subplot, involving Motoko’s mother, that went nowhere. These issues have been addressed in the Lean & Mean cut. Moreover the beginning of the movie was re-edited to mimic the way the original animated movie starts. To this purpose, the credits scene was rescored using Kenji Kaway new rendition of the original main theme. Scenes from the very beginning of the movie have been used to create a flashback sequence that now appears much later. Multiple scenes where shortened, lines of dialogues were either deleted or altered or used in different contexts. The cemetery scene was restored to its original state and purpose. As far as I can tell, in the theatrical cut it was sliced in 2 to accomodate for the character of Motoko’s mother, which I presumed was added at a later time to address the whitewashing controversy and to make up for the deleted scenes which included the character of Paz.


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