Week of February 24, 2019 – New Fanedits

This week sees the release of two new fanedits.


Shogun Assassin Chapter Two: Flaming Swords of Carnage by Scott Sandrock & WalrusSAS – I have removed 95% of the dialogue and hired voice actors to re-dub the lines. I cut the running time down as much as I had the heart to. I have replaced almost all music with the original Shogun Assassin score plus new music that felt appropriate to make it feel more like Shogun Assassin. I have added sound effects, and a voice-over narration was created for the young boy, Daigoro, to emulate the original film. The film’s introduction emulates the iconic original as well.






Incredible Hulk: Civil War by Zarius – What If Bruce Banner had not left Earth? What if Black Widow still helped me while he fled from the military? What if the super soldier serum and the serum used to create the Abomination were connected? What if Tony Stark took the death of Charlie Spencer too much to heart? What if the events of Civil War still occured throughout all of this? Follow the unfolding story. of an alternate universe both strange, yet familiar.






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