Week of January 21, 2018 – New Fanedit Releases

We’ve got two new releases this week, one from Maniac, and one from first time faneditor Mr. Blue.



Montana: The Last Stand – I did this edit again because some people asked me to do a cut without Michelle Pfeifer. So the Elvira Hancock character is completely removed and that brings us to an edit of 103 minutes with the end shooting a little pumped up in sound. Some overdubs of Cliff Martinez but also from Charlie Clouser in this remake.







Mr. Blue’s Batman v Superman – Two years ago, in the final battle between Superman and Zod, Metropolis was destroyed. Now the city is slowly rebuilding, but some wounds never truly heal, and a dark vigilante has emerged from the shadows to bring justice to the man responsible. Featuring material from both versions of the film, Mr. Blue presents a faster paced, action packed recut of the most highly anticipated comic book movie of all time.




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