Week of July 8, 2018 – New Fanedit Releases

This week sees three new fanedit releases.


Back to the Future 3: Marty Changes History by lapis molari – Back to the Future’s sequels were filmed at the same time. It feels that they planned one sequel and realized there was too much material to put it all in one movie. Instead of trimming the story, they padded it to make two cinema-length movies. In today’s age of binge-watching, this results in “fast-forward” moments of repetitive exposition and repeating opening and closing scenes. Back To The Future 3 – Marty Changes History removes the padding to create a stream-lined, less convoluted story that combines smoothly with Back to the Future 2 – Biff Changes Time for a double-feature viewing experience.





Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi: Legendary by HAL 9000 – It’s the same Star Wars: The Last Jedi you pondered over, cleared of distractions. The trip to the casino of Canto Bight is truncated, the Caretakers of Ach-To are removed, and a few scenes are rearranged, allowing Rian Johnson’s story to shine. Strap in for a contemplative journey not experienced since The Empire Strikes Back.







Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Extended Edition by JJPotter – This edit is a combination of the final 2 Harry Potter movies into one complete movie. Deleted scenes have been added back to create the ultimate extended edition for the uber Harry Potter fan to enjoy. Two scenes have been moved from their original movie locations in order to create a smooth transition between the two movies. Color correction has been done to ensure the two films have similar coloring throughout.





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