Week of June 3, 2018 – New Fanedit Releases

We have two edits to mention this week, one new one and a re-release.



Captain America and the Winter Soldier by Problem Eliminator – When Captain America awakens after 70 years of suspended animation, he must navigate a modern world where nothing is black and white and conspiracy lurks around every corner.

This edit is a direct sequel to Captain America and the Red Skull and tells the story of Steve Rogers finding himself a “man out of time” in the 21st century. References to other “Marvel Cinematic Universe” films have been removed, and the excessive action climax has been scaled back to keep the focus on Steve and Bucky’s conflict.





The Warriors: Theatrical Cut Reconstruction (HD) by TM2YC – This edit takes the HD transfer on the ‘Ultimate Director’s Cut’ blu-ray and goes in and fixes, alters, or replaces every single changed shot to “Reconstruct” the original ‘Theatrical Cut’ in almost the same HD quality. So we can once again enjoy the film the way it was meant to be seen 1979, without compromising on visual quality.

In 2013 I cut together the DC-BR and the TC-DVD but it was only a simple swap out of the obvious comic book elements. So this second version of the project goes much further and fixes every change to editing, to brightness, to colour timing, to framing and reverses all zooming and panning.



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