Week of March 31, 2019 – New Fanedits

We have three new edits this week. They are:





Game of Thrones: A Storm of Swords by Andreas – A streamlined and fast-paced narrative, in the structural and musical spirit of the Lord of the Rings franchise. Season 2 in 3 hours and 9 minutes, with the epic score of Howard Shore.







Black Panther: Wakanda Forever by lapis molari – BLACK PANTHER: WAKANDA FOREVER is a light edit. We see more of King T’Chaka and his brother early on, establishing the old king as a less idealized character. A glimpse of young T’Challa as contrast to Erik’s childhood. The weakest CGI shots are trimmed from the rhinos in battle and the climax in the mine. T’Challa at the United Nations is extended and placed before his trip to Oakland, giving it the weight it deserves.






Babylon 5: Thirdspace – Episodic by GelflingHand – The Thirdspace TV movie originally aired part way through season 5 of Babylon 5, but actually takes place during the events of season 4. This edit converts the movie into two regular episodes of the series that can be watched as part of season 4, removing the “this is a flashback” opening narration. A number of additional cuts have been made to part two to fit within the standard episode runtime.





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