Week of March 4, 2018 – New Fanedit Releases

We have three new fanedits for your viewing pleasure this week.



Kill Bill: Roaring Rampage Edition by Sinbad – The purpose of the edit was to create a version of QT’s films that jettisons some of his more self indulgent moments and gets the runtime down to a suitable length for a single movie. To do this I’ve cut some of the character development of the Death List Five Members and jettisoned anything that wouldn’t affect the overall storyline, tone and pacing.







Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man by Bobson Dugnutt – This edit is intended to just fix up some of those mediocre jokes, minor technical details, continuity breaking lines, and replace some of the score to evoke greater a emotional response.






Man of Steel: An Ideal of Hope by samspider3 – The second film explores the debate and reactions of people to Superman’s existence, and our hero experiences the good and bad sides of humankind to the point where he has to choose between hanging his cape or continuing his original purpose. I found this really intriguing, but felt it didn’t belong to a sequel. By obligation, this HAD to be in the first one and HAD to be developed before facing a gigantic battle against powerful Kryptonians to justify all this dilemma, and I believed it was the missing piece to really complete Clark Kent’s Journey. That’s how I envisioned “Man of Steel” when it was released, and It’s exactly what I intended to achieve in this Fan Edit.




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