Week of May 12, 2019 – New Fanedit

We have just one new fanedit released this week on IFDB.

Babylon 5: The Lost Tales – To Live and Die in Starlight by lapis molari


Legend of the Rangers: To Live and Die in Starlight was a TV movie intended as the pilot for a new TV series, which was never made. The characters that would’ve been the regulars in the series get lots of screen time, lots of opportunity for the viewer to become emotionally invested in them. The investment in the new characters had no pay-off because the series was never made, making this movie an orphan in the B5 universe.

To Live and Die in Starlight is refocused as an episode in the Lost Tales series. G’Kar takes on a mission to help the Rangers investigate an aggressive unknown race. They are the main protagonists, while the new Rangers are mostly relegated from “individuals” to “crew”.





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