Week of November 24, 2019 – New Fanedits

We have 2 new fanedits this week:


[Image: sw-darklighter-front-4-1574632263.jpg]

Star Wars: The Darklighter Cut by Bobson Dugnutt

The Darklighter Cut reintegrates all of the scenes with Luke, Biggs and their friends at the Toche Station to where they were in the original shooting script. Five new deleted and extended scenes have been restored and edited back into the classic film adding six more minutes of footage, introducing Luke far earlier than in the theatrical cut.


[Image: dw-nightandday-front-26-1574632278.jpg]

Doctor Who: Day of the Doctor Night & Day by Zarius

Happy 56th birthday, Doctor Who! To mark the occasion, Zarius presents a very simple edit combining the short Paul McGann mini-sode Night of the Doctor with the remainder of the 50th anniversary special Day of the Doctor.


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